what grounds this highly enhanced action genre..


Hanna is a plot driven action thriller about a girl raised by her father in the woods, and is suddenly exposed to the outer world that is not only new but scary to her. It is eerily shot and executed and can easily be inedible at times, especially all the physical sequences like action or any chase scenes but is lethally performed.

The survival tactics against the nature that is smoothly installed in here demands attention of the viewers. The rich inherent rituals and the fragility that the feature grasps in its middle act is what grounds this highly enhanced action genre.

But for what it’s worth, most of it seem to have attached to the mediocre and frankly dull structure which too is latter shucked for its own naive closure. If not for the performance the emotions drawn out would have interpreted as shallow and pretentious but with a strong cast like such, the makers wisely milks out its needs.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, unnecessarily loud sound effects and even editing. As mentioned earlier, the performance hits the anticipated note with Ronan on the lead delivering the results in flesh where the stakes does communicate. Blanchett on the other hand is scary and cunning with a reserved and caring Bana supporting her.

Armed with an adaptive and mature if not gripping script, Wright delivers on its own terms where he might not be in his A game but is still good enough to respect the genre. Slick action sequences, electrifying chase sequences, throat slicing politics and Ronan at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

Hanna is more humane tale than we usually get and the credit goes to the writer whose take on the current world and the way it mocks and compares it with simple yet sensible terms, is the key that unlocks it.

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