lacks creativity and wider imagination..


Arachnophobia is a plot driven horror about the protagonist who has a phobia for spiders and is now cornered to not only face those fears but stand against them in order to survive.

The structure is familiar and follows a rudimentary process that is frankly off putting. The writing is weak and cheesy with poor editing that makes it chalky and inedible around the edges. The characters are one dimensional and undercooked, the conversations are pure debauchery that makes it look like it was either written for younger audience or was by.

There is also a lot of unexpected sincerity on the rest of the material, the one that follows the investigation and Daniel’s track which is obviously far away from the mind-numbing horrifying action. The art designing is plausible and deserves the credit for offering the horrifying and inedible images that makes the viewers cringe on their seat as it chills down the spine.

The background score is taken for granted and amaturely loud with loose editing and pretentious cinematography. Daniel’s portrayal is as always right on the note where the stakes are communicated through his performance especially all the episodes that are used to project the magnitude of his nightmares.

Armed with a frail and juvenile script that collapses before it even builds its structure up, Marshall keeps the crisp alive with some jaw dropping sequences and execution skills that is decent enough to carry off such lofty premise. Weaving of a sequence that gives goosebumps, harrowing visual, a threat of such an eerie antagonist and Daniel’s stellar performance are the high points of the feature.

Arachnophobia lacks creativity and wider imagination, but what it can and does, is tug out the best from the mediocrity of its limited vision and foliate it on screen.

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