complex and three dimensional satirical accuracy..


Starlet is a character driven drama about a friendship that is bred with not so innocent incident but is undeniably one, to the core. It is surprisingly hilarious with smart humoristic sequences that works as an anecdote to the rest of the heavy material offered for the rest of the part.

The subjective procedure of the bonding is completely fresh for the viewers, as it doesn’t follow the usual tactics to communicate, with a newer structure that is intriguing enough to invest in it. The characteristics of each character is one of its strength as it is mesmerizing to encounter it on screen when it enfolds into this behemoth complex and three dimensional satirical accuracy.

Its poetic tone somewhat resembles with the short stories that are usually narrated to the younger ones and to experience the tale on screen told with such mature take, leaves the audience in an awe of it. The background score is almost non-existent but the viewers never misses it and the credit goes to Baker’s fine skills.

Jaw dropping cinematography and stunning visuals and locations with bright and breezy colors and fine editing decorates this feature into a soothing ride. Hemingway is convincing throughout the course with Johnson’s amazing portrayal as a savior of the protagonist and on the other hand, Maeve’s strong character that she justifies with her performance.

Armed with such bold and gritty script, Baker marches on forward with his majestic execution skills that respects the mannerism of the genre. The mutual topic that the lead characters discuss about, a darker theme that actually seeks attention and brilliant execution are the high points of the feature.

Starlet might not be the game changer but it certainly leaves the impression on you that might not easily be eradicated.

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