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Side Effects is a character driven drama about a metaphorical switch that helps the protagonist toss a newer personality out of her. The first act spends its time on setting the plot and characters where not even a dime changes, a redundant note from the makers. And after it starts riding things, the pace of the feature is surprisingly fast and equally competent for the viewers.

Soderbergh easily manages to move around his multiple characters like puppets where he even manipulates the viewers from the tone or the theme of the feature. It is also way too busy and even congested at times and the audience wouldn’t have minded few spaces to breathe in where editing is to be questioned in here.

The investigation or bisection of the events too is eerily paced and seem to have skipping few beats, no matter how clearer and wider its characters’ perspective is. The background score is mysteriously satisfying if not extraordinary with a decent cinematography and loosely edited. The theme is dark, brutal and raw with bold chances that it doesn’t even flinch to grasp.

Mara is in her A game proving once again why she is one of the best actress of her time and with a strong support from a cast like Law, Tatum and Zeta-Jones, the performance objective is safe. Burns’ script is thoroughly entertaining but uneven and fortunately with the finesse of Soderbergh’s execution it binds things safely.

The inner politics weaved in its last act offers a cathartic release for the viewers. The mechanics of the investigation, the cunning perspective of the characters and Mara at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

Side Effects is a mature take on a smarter investigation and even though it isn’t something you may remember after you leave the screen, you’ll be hooked up till you are encountering it.

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