safe hands that does bold deeds..


Miracle is a character driven biographical sport drama about a newly assigned coach whose quirky methods is the only chance of winning the 1980 US Olympic Hockey. The methods and the procedure that it follows on preparing for the competition may be familiar and has few seen-this-seen-that conflicts along with that.

But this is where O’Connor comes in, his sweat drop precision on pulling off such a detailed heist is what fuels this more than two hours of hectic journey. His way of drawing out the emotions from the audience isn’t manipulative at all, at least not at the compromise of the storytelling.

His world isn’t busy, but is mellow and eschews the well bred characters and allows the audience to breathe it in. It may be short on technical aspects like background score, cinematography and editing but its sharp sound effects along with its attentive camera work that has palpable surrounding, offers the audience the experience of playing on the field.

The high pitched dramatic sequences are electrifying as it normally does to the audience, in such genres. At the end of the line, it’s all in Russell’s hand, his safe hands that does bold deeds, is what keeps the audience rooting for these games. Unfortunately, not only the side characters are undercooked but also one-dimensional.

The inspirational speech, layered monologues, nail-biting games and Russell’s portrayal as a stubborn coach are the high points of the feature. Guggenheim’s adaptation is of wider range and to account in all these episodes is the work of O’Connor’s fine execution skills. Each act in here is reverential and yet is brimmed with equal crispiness.

Miracle is an important feature for the society and the political perspective of it that inspires people, but more importantly shows some promising content on weaving the craft out of such an event.

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