it is mere another guest in your house..


Carnage is a plot driven comic drama about two couples who are cornered to have a meeting for the welfare of their children.

Yes, it is arguably not one’s particular so called “movie”. It’s an act. It has an act to offer that may bedazzle you that reeks theatre and old plays that used to tickle us. Its strength is both its pro and con which is the flow. It may flow fluently with the help of the charm of the actors and the gripping screenplay but there may as well be no reason or definite point to it for at the end of the line it is mere another guest in your house.

One of the most intriguing thing it often does, is the way how it teams up as it ages on screen. Sometimes the couples stick together, sometimes men does and sometimes women does, and the transaction of how it shifts its daft opinions at the peak of emotion is one of its funniest gags of all.

Riley gets most of the range since he is reserved at first and then bursts up like a volcano in its second half. Foster’s character may as well be like, as the Joker quotes, “a dog running behind a car..” and her performance communicates clearly with the viewers.

Waltz is reserved and confident whilst Winslet is apt in her extremely stupendous portrayal and is probably the best among the cast. The background score is almost non-existent, the cinematography doesn’t have much to offer but has fine editing and decent camera work that offer more personal experience.

Polanski pulls its restrained script decently and offers the anticipated theatrical experience. The orthodox performance from the cast and hilarious script brimmed with ingenious gags are the high points of the feature.

Carnage is not an everlasting epic, especially not of its genre, it has a right intention, with accurate cast and crew that draws out a genuine nod from the audience.

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