to the well earned actors..


A Time To Kill is a plot driven courtroom dramatic thriller about a man who kills two felonies and pleads a verdict for not guilty. Schumacher’s world in here believes on the procedure that goes behind the stage which helps a lot to the feature especially in its latter stages.

The script is elaborative and not overstretched which helps keeping the audience tangled into its dark political bubble. Despite of having such multiple characters and such big stars going head to head on screen, it never gets crowded and the credit goes to its fine editing.

The script may not be as layered as the writers may think, but is undeniably entertaining to the core. The writing is flawed at times and the priority seems to be on the commercial side, which unfortunately takes the heat away from the material.

The script debates a lot over ethics and morale conflicts and political opinions but never gets past it or even offers an adequate closure to the viewers. The characters are three-dimensional and doesn’t always play fair or evil, the resemblance with practicality keeps this fictitious tale grounded.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, cinematography and camera work which is more pathos than script demands; a failed attempt by the makers to keep the crisp alive. McConaughey proves his magnificent skills once again, with Bullock’s decent support and on the other hand Spacey oozes power along with Jackson’s fine portrayal.

Schumacher’s execution is chalky around the edges and fails to deliver as anticipated despite of having such a powerful source like Grisham. The intense courtroom drama, argumentative conversations and stellar performances are the high points of the feature.

A Time To Kill belongs to the well earned actors and no other, for if there is anything that makes this more than two hours of journey worth, it is that cast standing in front of you.

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