an entertaining up beating musical..


The Sound Of Music is a character driven romantic musical about a chirpy girl that enters a cold house and enlightens it with her warmth, charm and sound.

This era gave us some of the best musicals of our time and one of those magical hats tossed this endearing tale that raises questions that were unanswered at that time. A love story set in a war time, is a concept that we have encountered multiple times but in here its distraction itself has its own rhythm to hum about.

Dancing on its own beats, the dark concept is foliated with a light family drama and love track that makes it breezy and pleasing for the viewers. The choreography of all the musical numbers is aptly performed and created with an imaginative little ideas that factors in on the bigger picture.

The writing is smarter and layered if not gripping and has a heart to it that connects instantly with the viewers. The background score is melodious with amazing sound department, up lifting and catchy songs and alluring costume design.

It is rich on technical aspects like metaphorical cinematography and is shot beautifully with amazing camera work, stunning visuals and locations. Andrews is the star of the show with her riveting performance and sensational singing she is a force to be reckoned with and along the side is Plummer offering a disappointing one-dimensional portrayal.

Wise has a compelling story to tell and he doesn’t flinch on any frame of the feature, delivering the anticipated outcome thoroughly to its audience. Amazing songs, visuals, morale conflicts and Andrews at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

The Sound Of Music is at its best nail biting complex drama and at its low an entertaining up beating musical.

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