it may not be glorifying for everyone..


Support The Girls is a character driven drama about a bunch of women surviving literally a week day of their life. Embracing the premise like never before, Bujalski’s hands on execution of offering the insights with a personal touch of the characters communicates throughout the course of the feature to the audience.

It is a subtle take on the marginal community that we all reside in, and so is its repercussions on the audience of its higher concept, it may not be glorifying for everyone. But as much as makers distract the audience and is proud of its ingenious methodology, contrary to popular belief, it is quite louder on repetitive terms.

It tosses all possible various situations through character’s perspective in order to make its definite point thoroughly clear. In order to do so, it shucks away its somewhat middle act with an arguably redundant sequences. But such compelling storytelling and euphoric energy behind the camera can be and should be given the benefit of doubt.

The background may as well be daft with decent cinematography and editing that is saved by the camera work which again, offers personal touch making it more human than ever. The performance by the cast is on full throttle; especially Hall, since they are aware of the opportunity and stage they have marked, can factor a lot.

Bujalski’s execution is to the point and clearer than ever with a smarter script and even though familiar but not so explored structure makes it gripping and adaptive for the viewers. The three dimensional characters, layered thought provoking policies and fair confessions are the high points of the feature.

Support The Girls may not be the game changer but if retold in a glorifying manner, it can be your “Thelma And Louise”.

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