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Ghost Town is a plot driven romantic comedy about a guy who is being annoyed by the normal people and apparently the ghost that he has been seeing after an operation goes wrong. Even though the structure is familiar and walks on all the cliches that one can expect for in such genres, it is immensely entertaining and heartbreaking.

And the key to it, is the tiny details (like when Leoni notices Gervais’s newly bought shirt) where it scores like a pro and steals viewers’ attention. Addition to that, there are few moments where uncertainty in the script helps too, along with the tendency to keep things grounded and practical as much as possible.

The chemistry as the genre requires, is apt for the tone of the film, which is more innocent and safer than one usually gets in it. The background score may not be up to the mark but the songs are uplifting and fits in perfectly. Being short on cinematography, it is rich on costume designing and is beautifully shot with a breezy and colorful environment.

Koepp’s world is smarter and not at all sketchy despite of the premise, the makers doesn’t let go the practicality, which was definitely tempting to do so. Gervais is achingly good in each frame of it with a brilliant support from Leoni who is sweet and confused yet bold and Kinnear as Gervais’s alter ego.

Free from nostalgic track which was expected, a satirical comic sequences and stellar performances are the high points of the feature. A smarter narrative that flows fluently without any commercial friction, Koepp tells its own unfiltered tale.

Ghost Town is a plethora of mixed emotions wandering in the form of ghosts and the excellence of pulling it off in one whole meal is all maker’s do.

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