to speculate it with such nuance..


Fantastic Mr. Fox is a character driven animated comic drama about a fox that fails to act against its nature and gets into trouble along with his family.

The symmetric world of Anderson never fails to delight us and the primary reason is it being brimmed with fine details that speaks volume. The work went behind the stop-motion animation is just marvelous especially to pull it off on such large scale and to speculate it with such nuance that it leaves the audience in an awe of it.

The acts distributed in here and the way they shift from one to another is bizarrely ingenious and extremely powerful. It is eerily fast paced yet aptly cooked characters that offers enough depth for the viewers to dig in and explore.

The writing is sharp, to- the-point and explicit with tiny tactics installed in here that not only is infomercial but hilarious too. Such dysfunctional family might have been familiar to the audience but with a perspective like this, the clock starts from zero.

It is rich on technical aspects like its up beating background score, amazing songs, metaphorical cinematography and fine editing that paints the picture brighter. The voice cast fills in perfectly in this wild world and has done a hilarious work especially by Clooney, Streep, Murray and Wilson.

Anderson’s strong script matches its brilliant execution where you know that you have surrendered to his surreal world when he draws out emotions from these characters and pours it like rain over the audience. The three dimensional characters, satirical humor, moral conflicts and thought provoking policy that is genuinely effective are the high points of the feature.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a forced to be reckoned with, that not only shows potential in such animation but also the structure of the script.

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