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Concussion is a character driven dramatic biography about a man whose good deeds were piled upon by the commercial politics of the country.

Unlike any other biographies, it doesn’t start from zero, it accounts in only and only essential bits of the protagonist’s life to keep the audience rooting for it as much as possible. But this concept fails miserably, as it starts aging on screen and the primary reason to that is the inability of the makers to know the difference between an elaborated script and an overstretched one.

Ticking for around two hours, the feature tests viewers patience with only few good moments here and there for them to survive. Brimmed with power packed performance and huge star cast, the makers wisely milks every drop out of the them by offering enough range for them to flaunt.

Despite of a sloppy narration, there is a lot of craft to admire, especially the way it manipulates emotions out of the audience; Smith is in his A game. The background score is non-existent as in it barely factors in with creative cinematography that works only half of the time. The camera work is handled manually to offer a more personal touch to the viewers.

Landesman’s world is lazy and incompetent whilst it should have been busy and in need of an emergency. As mentioned earlier, Smith has never been better with Baldwin supporting him with all his potential and Mbatha-Raw being the only weak link on the performance objective.

Not only does the adaptation need polishing and better editing, but so does the execution which is unfeasibly low in here. Stellar performances and multiple perspective that the screenplay enfolds in are the high points of the feature.

Concussion is a pathos art, where innocence is the protagonist and the big guns of the makers but unfortunately it too runs out of ammo.

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