the title and the last act..


Trouble With The Curve is a plot driven sport drama about a bonding between a father and daughter that is resolved through their mutual interest. The structure is familiar, the conversations are cheesy, the writing is sloppy and the execution is daft.

Ticking for almost two hours, their barely resides a fifteen minutes of craft worth to explore onto. Not a single thread of the feature allows the audience to root for the characters and even though the stakes gets higher, the tale never lives up to its repercussions that it ought to breed.

The chemistry between Adams and Eastwood is uncomfortably itchy whilst hers with Timberlake is flat out annoying. And the primary reason to that would be writing that isn’t polished or edited or bred appropriately for it to either respect the sincerity or the crisp of it.

Addition to that, the knack for imputing humor forcibly, shucks away the earned integrity and undermines the momentum. The characters are undercooked and walks on benignly projected track that develops on unstable writing material. It falls flatly on technical aspects like background score, editing, cinematography and sound department.

The camera work too is imaturely handled with no whatsoever courtesy to at least try to convince the audience. Brown’s writing is questionable whilst Lorenz’s execution is redundant at points where his conventional bubble bursts before it is even in existent.

Adams and Eastwood may try hard but there isn’t room enough to chew in the character’s perspective while Timberlake on the other hand is flat out one dimensional with Goodman’s decent support. The title and the last act are the only high points of this feature.

Trouble With The Curve is actually a trouble for the makers, viewers and the actors who all deserved better, a lot better.

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