adequacy outweighs potential..


The Towering Inferno is a character driven feature about unity and fascism brewing at a point of annihilation. Huge set pieces and detailed production design welcomes the audience in, in its luxuriously behemoth paragon that falls like domino.

It’s such metaphorical tone, that is layered enough to push the audience to see past its typical genre, but unfortunately the makers fails to pull it off as anticipated. The visual effects are impressive and convincing with sharp sound effects that offers the apt experience as was anticipated. And although is short on background score, the editing is on mark with an amazing cinematography.

Few scenes are shot beautifully but with the help of art designing and visual effects, some graphic scenes might make you cringe. But it’s this boldness (whether then it be McQueen’s stunts or a character’s slick move or suggestions to survive the nature) that helps makers in keeping the viewers tangled on its world or apparently a building in here.

Even though the narration is elaborative and not overstretched, the runtime of around 175 minutes, may allow the audience to wander off the feature. The makers have an amazing window where it can depict the nature of each character without any sweetening or filtering, since its critical crisis can and does aviate its raw material right on to the face of the viewers; what a delight.

Newman’s smart and precise portrayal with McQueen’s bravado and Holden’s leadership quality, the performance objective is more than safe. Guillermin’s execution may not be extraordinary but is sufficient enough to offer a palpable surrounding to the script. Impactful screenplay and jaw dropping visuals are the only high points of the feature.

The Towering Inferno’s priority for adequacy outweighs potential on terms of its journey and not the destination.

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