more innocence than you could ever hope or expect for..


The People VS. Larry Flynt is a character driven dramatic biography about a disavowed man seeking the rights of a normal citizen.

Clocking at two hours, the feature is entirely busy that makes it thoroughly entertaining. And even though the “entertaining” part comes from the humorous aspect of it their also resides enough craft to work and explore in it. Forman’s overt world is diplomatic and rubs the ethic with competitive arguments and debates that keeps the audience tangled in it.

Unlike any other biographies, it doesn’t walk on usual structure but breaks barriers unflinchingly. The primary strength of the feature is the chemistry and relationship between the lead characters especially when it starts aging on screen and grows more innocence than you could ever hope or expect for.

It is short on technical aspects like sound department, costume design, cinematography and background score although it is edited aptly. The camera work is appreciative with dark and quirky theme that is palpable to the surrounding.

Harrelson has never been better with a sassy vocal that is both funny and effective at the same time. Norton too is doing some of his best work on supporting him with Love whose evolution is one of the best part of the feature. The writing is gripping, adaptive, layered and metaphorical that attains a perfect balance between humor and drama.

Armed with such strong script, Forman’s execution exceeds the words that are projected in here on his own terms that is free from any rules. Pragmatic conversations, three dimensional characters and fragile love track at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

The People VS. Larry Flynt is a Harrelson’s passion as much as it of Forman’s and fortunately, the communication is crystal clear with the audience.

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