a scoreboard mentality..


The Lovers is a character driven romantic drama whose quirky perspective and the lens through which it views monogamy, is thoroughly entertaining. Ticking for around 90 minutes, it easily charms its way out, but unfortunately none is wiser when the curtain drops.

The structure of the premise is textbook which makes its first act basically an introduction where the makers are spending most of the time on setting the plots and characters. But they do it with such panache that the grace respects the material in here.

Having said that, it doesn’t suggest that it is appropriately bred, in fact if anything it makes the rest on it unstable act riding with an uneven pace. The chemistry between the lead character is the glue that holds it all, through thick and thin and believe it or not, the features fluctuates a lot.

It’s the equation of son arriving on screen, elevates the self-mocked script into an unexpected territory that is straight out fired bullet. It falls flatly on technical aspects like cinematography and editing along with background score although the last song sung by Letts is impressive.

The camera work is appreciative and is shot with neat and clean props and location that makes it light and breezy; at least for the most part of it. Winger is complicated, Letts is confident and Gillen is impressive as always but Walters is the additional surprising little package that explodes loud and clear.

The writer-director Jacobs is much smarter than it seems as its props are well set and tiny notions that resembles eerily with practicality. Zipped up frustration, humoristic script and amazing performance are the high points of the feature.

The Lovers has a scoreboard mentality that is tossed on the name of monogamy but with a heartwarming touch that is felt by the viewers.

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