a poignant tale in context of the methodology..


The Horse Whisperer is a character driven drama about an unknown personality that enters into a dysfunctional family at a point of crisis to save their horse and ends up saving the family.

Not only is the premise familiar but is rubbed plenty of times by the makers in every possible angle which then would require this tale to visit newer territories which it fails to do so. Addition to that, ticking for around 170 minutes the makers are milking their way down in and chews too much for the audience to enjoy its appetite.

The narrative is daft at certain point with sloppy writing and loosely edited final cut that is more questionable than ever. The subplots are cheesy and brimmed with seen-this-seen-that conflicts with one dimensional side characters that extracts the heat from the soul.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, sound department and camera work that every now and then goes into slow motion that isn’t justified at all in here. With beautiful cinematography, stunning visuals, live locations and bright colors, it is utterly pleasing for the western genre fans in each frame.

The adaptation could have been a lot better and a lot shorter for the audience can predict and finds themselves waiting for the makers to attain a closure. Redford’s world seems self-obsessed a lot for it to offer room to any of the characters to factor in effectively.

Redford is enjoying a bit much to breed sincerity with Johansson’s amateur performance and Neil’s undercooked one, Thomas is the only one that stands alone delivering through each frame. Visually aesthetic and manipulative emotions that it draws out from the audience are the only high points of this sinking feature.

The Horse Whisperer is a poignant tale in context of the methodology that it approaches to and not its ideology.

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