whose exploration undeniably bedazzles you..


JFK is a character driven thriller about a thorough bisection of the assassination of the former president of the United States John F. Kennedy.

Whenever such delicate concepts or wounds are scratched or meddled with, the poignancy draws out emotions and bridges innocent connection with the characters instantly. The subjective procedure is the conflict that the makers neither can solve or eradicate due to its track that it has chosen.

The avid narrative that is at best fueled with rage and sanity and at mediocrity a raw flat investigation. Stone’s law are never black or white, he walk a perfect and safer line in order to filter out its smarter audience. He not only has the potential and range to flash out its star cast but foliates them in its palpable heartbreaking tone.

Driven by the star power and stellar performances by each cast member, the runtime barely matters, in fact it leaves the audience hungry for more. It is rich on technical aspects like advanced camera work with smart editing, metaphorical cinematography and finely detailed art designing.

Brimmed with various perspective and enough content for the audience to work on it keeps them tangled in its pathos bubble. Stone’s work on adaptation might be smart and cut deeper but its eye popping execution is the game changer.

Costner oozes power, vulnerable and pleads for the justice as the script and viewers demands with a support from a louder and complex Oldman, emotionally driven Rooker and reserved Jones. The final speech, Costner at the heart of it, and the research of the incident carried off by the makers are the high points of the feature.

JFK is not only an important feature on terms of the raised questions in here but the craft whose exploration undeniably bedazzles you.

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