a satisfying closure..


Crazy Rich Asians is a plot driven romcom that reboots mediocrity with finesse. The so-called under extinction genre, gets a savior this time along with the hyped summer movies category. But all of it is satisfied and coated with commercial aspects to lure the audience in, where within those two hours, there is a genuine thirty minutes of good in it.

Brimmed with humor, ancient trading, cheesy shots and one dimensional sketchy characters, it is thoroughly entertaining to the core, despite of the flaws. The morality conflicts in here isn’t something new and neither is any sub-plot, but blending it all in and dressing it up with expensive clothes; literally, it offers a safer ride to the audience.

The tiny surprising ticks of the feature, is its metaphorical sequences that it stages on screen and even the weaving of it is clearly visible, it is utterly pleasing to experience it on screen. The long stares across a room, over chewing the manipulative emotions and filling in the spaces with one-liners shucks away the intensity and undermines the momentum.

The background score and editing may not be up to the mark but the songs are up beating with blinged costume designing and huge production design that is definitely alluring. The adaptation may not be smart but is gripping and able to hold the audience with a satisfactory smile on the face.

The feature politically fits somehow considering the sensitive issues, the world is going through, the track touches the appropriate nerve of the audience. Chu’s world is sassy, brave and ironical in a way that fiddles with contradictory nature like a pro.

Wu and Golding’s troubled portrayal is supported well enough by Yeoh and hilarious Awkwafina. A knack for imputing rich tradition, show stealing one-liners and popped up political references are the high points of the feature.

Crazy Rich Asians is a satisfying closure to the plethora of summer blunders but on terms of craft, it doesn’t change a dime.

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