cuts down its essential asset..


Lion For Lambs is a character driven political thriller about the repercussions that war breeds which is depicted and debated with every possible perspective in here.

It’s satirical theme is a bit downer which is the core reason why it starts rotting faster as it ages on screen; even the crisp in here is diplomatic. Set in three different chapters or tracks, the narrative is intriguing through which it lures the audience and addition to that, it also uses its star power and puts Cruise and Streep at front, with arguments going head to head against each other.

The cinematography, editing and d.o.p. is possibly one of the worst things in here since it is eerily annoying as it fails to pull off even a single conversation. The writing isn’t as layered as it seems, if anything it surfs over the material and is afraid to dig in deeper. The background score is at points daft and questionable but has sharp sound effects and stunning visuals that favors in on maker’s side.

The conversations are debates, they are gripping and keeps the audience on the edge of the seat, but it isn’t bred appropriately, it isn’t layered despite of being as Cruise mentions once, “high-minded debate”. Pena’s track offers him range and room to flaunt in, his skills which he does, whilst Cruise and Streep are more reserved and less expressive alongwith Redford and Garfield’s similar portrayal.

Few arguments and the star power are the only high points of this sinking feature. Redford as a director, seems distracted in order to create or draw out glorifying or loud moments as much as he can which actually results into an unstable and uneven feature.

Lion For Lambs is a passionate project that lost its way in production, execution and opinions that cuts down its essential asset.

Posted by:Arth

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