hangs stuff higher..


Hang ‘Em High is a character driven action thriller about a man fueled with vengeance that latter gets seduced by the justice side of the coin.

The premise has enough potential to bedazzle the audience which it delivers unflinchingly in here and addition to that its gripping screenplay that enfolds and ensues more fragile and layered concept that just mere fist fighting. The action sequences are well choreographed and easily draws the attention from the viewers especially the way it glorifies and savours each and every moment.

It consists few nail-biting political debate and also raises the question of the transaction of the system of law from the western world’s perspective. The star cast doesn’t snatch away the actual crisp or essence from someone else’s track and offers them enough room and range to factor in effectively in the bigger picture.

The script is mature than one would expect especially its last act that is surprisingly softer and sensible that one usually doesn’t get in such action features. It is rich on technical aspects like cinematography, camera work and editing that helps chew the characters’ perspective in, appropriately which are aptly cooked and three dimensional.

There are few pathos track in here but it is what helps keep the feature grounded and viewers rooting for the character. If Eastwood is ferocious and has finesse, Hingle is equally powerful and challenging for him with Stevens supporting her decently especially in its last act.

The director Post may not have Leone’s precision but has patience and awareness of its characters strength which he uses it wisely. Whistle blowing dialogues, sharp sound effects and mature take on the genre are the high points of the feature.

Hang ‘Em High hangs stuff higher than genre calls for or one would expect, it’s refreshingly good.

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