and at best pure fun..


Cliffhanger is a plot driven action thriller about a group of mountain climbers that are cornered in a crisis after a heist goes wrong for the antagonist. Such action feature often relies upon the merit of screenplay and it is exhilarating, gripping and sensible in here.

The trail that each sub-plot and character and dramatic sequence leads to, is not only well constructed but is passionately projected with keen sense of awareness about the palpable surrounding offered. It may be flawed, but is undeniably entertaining in its own beats with nail-biting action and chase sequences.

The writing offers few hints of maturity which latter unfortunately is mutilated or piled upon by the commercial aspect of the feature. Harlin’s world runs on “hard work” as it doesn’t offer any help to the characters, just the wittiness and boldness that makes them cross the line.

It is shot beautifully with stunning visuals and appealing live locations as it wanders through mountain valleys offering the promised thrilling ride to the audience. The background score is a bit daft at certain points and so is short on cinematography but is rich on delivering sharp sound effects.

The feature is well polished around the edges unlike such genre where it goes wrong, which is what keeps the audience tangled in its cold world; literally. Stallone; the screenwriter and protagonist, is in his A game on both the job that he has attempted to pull off and is supported well by Lithgow, Rooker and Turner.

Harlin; the director, has done a decent work on executing the feature but is undermined by its mature screenplay. Gripping script, stunning locations that makes it pleasing encounter and hardcore choreographed action are the high points of the feature.

Cliffhanger leaves the audience with a satisfying and expected experience that is at worst cliched and at best pure fun.

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