they lost the meaning..


Witness is a character driven dramatic thriller about offering justice to a crime tossed by a privileged authority in a society with the help of a culture that is mocked at.

Ford accuses a character quoting, “they lost the meaning..” which is an apt definition of this fine craft that rectifies the misunderstood and underrated ideology. Setting the plots and characters revolving around it, takes up its first act but since it is pulled off with such conviction; it is soothing.

The rest of the act is about the protagonist exploring the rich rituals and methodology of Amish heritage which is beautifully depicted in here especially the construction and the food gathering.

It also grows a bit lighter with few humorous sequences but isn’t questionable at any point; the makers have attained a perfect balance on its intensity and its whimsicality. The love track is delicate, the chemistry is innocent, the thrill is imperishable and the action is exhilarating. The sound effects are sharp with stunning cinematography and plausible background score.

The costume and art designing is well detailed with stunning live locations and amazing camera work that offers aesthetic pleasure. The writing has a familiar structure that is off putting, but has a gripping and layered screenplay that is well constructed. Ford has never been better and convincing along with a decent support from McGillis, Sommer and Glover.

The director Weir’s vision is clear and has wider range that its genre gets, and the ability to execute it, is all skill. A mild romantic touch, an innocent survival spirited premise and a poetic note that it ends on are the high points of the feature.

Witness is a dish served with varieties of ingredients added in it, and yet it doesn’t spoil the appetize since it is perfectly cooked.

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