an eye on the horizon..


Never Let Me Go is a character driven drama about three friends that are tangled in a complex relationship where each of them is fueled with different agenda. As the premise requires, the chemistry among the cast is aptly communicated among the viewers with stakes that creates the anticipated emotional impact.

The writing is sharp, strong and adaptive if not gripping, since Knightley’s track is a bit familiar, but still the build up of its peak of dramatic scene makes it all worth (the conversation at bed between Knightley and Mulligan is enthralling). The somewhat inner politics that is brewed among them is pure ample for the screenplay, as it not only helps it boost off but also offers appropriate gravitas.

The set pieces are appealing and the costume design are alluring with stunning visuals and neatly shot locations that makes it pleasing to experience it on screen. The dialogues are calculative since most of the characters are reserved and poised in here, hence some of them are genuinely moving and effective. It is short on technical aspects like background score and cinematography.

Mulligan is a revelation in here with her conserved yet expressive portrayal that speaks volume especially the sequence where Garfield requests for something impossible from her in the woods. On the supporting hand, Knightley as always delivers but Garfield too shows some promising potential along with Hawkins that is on driver’s seat in the first act.

Stunning visuals, breathtaking performance and thought-provoking conversations are the high points of the feature. The director Romanek’s passion is clearly visible due to its honesty and innocence in it that factors in a lot with the help of Garland’s finely edited adaptation.

Never Let Me Go is accurately titled as it holds the viewers in its bubble that is both dark and bright, with an eye on the horizon.

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