never been more clear..


Doubt is a character driven feature about the inner politics in a Catholic School that is brewed after a words spread around about an immoral relationship between a priest and a student. The subject meddled with in here is undoubtedly fragile that may easily make the audience cringe on the seat but since it is written with such subtle tone that it delivers the result unflinchingly.

The characters are written with three dimensional perspective that enfolds in each layer of the script as it ages on screen that helps makers immensely to keep the audience tangled on its world. It also is accurately titled, since there is a sense of uncertainty in the air throughout the course of the feature that keeps it crispy and exhilarating.

Unlike such features does, the structure is different and fresh since it hits the plot and characters hard and fast wuth elegance. Hoffman’s speech is genuinely moving and creates the anticipated impact since it also is manipulated into quoting the poem out of it.

The writing is sharp, layered and gripping with finely edited adaptation by Shanley. The argumentative conversations, enthralling tiny notions and jaw dropping performance are the high points of the feature that elevates the momentum of the sequences with deserved dignity.

It is rich on technical aspects like production and costume design with amazing cinematography although is short on background score and camera work which is missed a lot.

Shanley; the screenwriter and director, is in his A game and has pulled off some of his career’s best work in here. Streep is poised and rebellious with Amy’s calm support but the real game changer is Hoffman’s portrayal that is achingly good.

Doubt has never been more clear with enough craft and content to be explored with thought provoking policies that never grows pretentious.

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