following the wrong directions..


Mile 22 is a plot driven mind-numbing action feature with an agenda of an “in and out” missions that all goes horribly and expectedly wrong.

Wahlberg’s last few unstable features corners him to shake Berg’s magic hat and draw out the card from it but unfortunately this time, it isn’t the card that anyone was seeking for, not even the makers.

It inherently gets difficult to rub on a genre that is already almost explored in each way, and addition to that when you feed the audience a wafer thin concept and expects them to be blown away by the blazing barrels; it’s a bit much. Not only does the feature surfs around the surface, the characters that it forcibly installs is just pathetically one-dimensional.

One of the primary reason why it fails on levels, is its antagonist, which is not kept under any shade but is just non-existent, leaving the audience with the stakes that are all hoax and all distraction. The anticipated twists and turns which are mundane in such genres, is so independent from any of the incidents occurred in the feature, that it nullifies itself; the viewers couldn’t care less.

It doesn’t have any circle that comes around or makes sense, nor any arc or gist to stand on the self-created slippery ground. As much as exciting it is to experience sharp sound effects, its heightened version latter, shucks it all way.

A decent background score or cinematography is pure myth in here, although the camera work is intriguing and convincing whose credit goes to Berg’s experience. The choreographed action sequences are enthralling with all the actors working hard and investing all their chips in, especially Uwais who easily is the highlight of it.

Berg’s world in here seems like the first draft of the script, where his weaving of the structure in front of the audience takes out every inch of the thrill that was about to hit them. Wahlberg is annoyingly loud and disappointingly unstable in his portrayal where no supporting cast like Cohan, Rousey and Malkovich, is supporting him.

Berg; the director, still needs some work to do especially to work with his editing department, since all crisp is purely hazardous. Few action sequences and sharp sound effects are the only high points of this sinking feature.

Mile 22 has a long way to go, probably more than it titles for, but in the end it too wouldn’t matter since they are following the wrong directions.

Posted by:Arth

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