tugs out the debauchery..


Rachel Getting Married is a character driven feature about a dysfunctional family that is taken up a notch a bit on the darker side of the coin that is depicted with such nuance that audience writhes on the seat in an awe of it.

Considering the plot points that it had to check off, it seems justifying for it to tick for around two hours, but the filling inside is somewhat shallow and off putting for it to cover up the edges. Demme’s world in here is of reminiscence that never gets over it, which is both its pro and con, but with an experience like his, the mistakes are never loud enough to undermine the moment.

Each sequence has plethora of mixed emotions depending upon the perspective of the characters, which is utterly complicated to the core especially to execute it with such a balanced tone, is somewhat of an achievement.

And even though it covers up and follows the expected path, its mature take on tiny aspects is what keeps the audience tangled in its raw and beautiful script.

It is short on technical aspects like background score and cinematography although is visually rich with bright and breezy locations along with stunning camera work. Demme; the director, has a house full of craft to explore in here, with an excellent execution skills that surpasses its magnificent script.

Hathway has never been better in her self-healing portrayal with an amazing supporting cast like DeWitt and Irwin. Pragmatic conversations, complex sibling bonding and sharp and adaptive screenplay are the high points of the feature that helps it enter the major league.

Rachel Getting Married tugs out the debauchery from the usual structure of the script, and is pure honest transparent soul.

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