inexpressibly refreshing to encounter a chess game..


A Most Wanted Man is a character driven political thriller about a few good-hearted infiltrators whose attempt to pull of an impossible yet utterly glorious task ends up with dilemmas on each step.

The stakes aren’t higher as one usually gets in such tales, but the inner politics is so well constructed that you cannot not communicate with its designing. The screenplay is so tight and written like a poetry on the sense that it enfolds each time a different perspective, angle, character and a piece of information that somehow sets the clock at zero.

And since the feature is build upon the race against time factor, the sense of urgency never fades away even though it ticks for an entire two hours. Corbign’s world is busy in all its act (even in its first act, it doesn’t spend its time on laying out the plot for the audience) where the viewers has to work hard to catch up with it.

It is rich on technical aspects like using its props, amazing camera work, fine editing and sharp sound effects although fails on pitching a palpable background score. Goose fleshing revelations, tricky and convoluted plot and eye-popping cinematography are the high points of the feature that keeps the audience tangled in its world.

Bovell’s adaptation might be gripping and layered but Corbign’s execution surpasses the script and sensibly respects each frame projected on the screen. Hoffman oozes power, vulnerability and emotional aspects of his character unflinchingly with an amazing supporting cast like McAdams, Dafoe Wright, Bruhl and Krieps.

A Most Wanted Man is not what we wanted but needed, in an industry where most of the mission were taken over by action and chase scenes, it is inexpressibly refreshing to encounter a chess game.

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