more salvation than damnation..

3 And A Half Out Of 5

Road To Perdition is a character driven dramatic thriller about a relationship between a father and a son which is brewed at a critical stage and higher stakes.

Despite of portraying an essential chapter or episode of a young kid, the writing wisely accounts in the bonding of him with his father from the scratch. And it is so well fed to the audience that despite of its dark tone and poignant theme, there is a cathartic experience on each tiny moments of them.

One of the primary strengths of the feature is its uncertainty and unexpected outcome that it evaluates keeping the audience tangled in its world where the sense of urgency too factors in a lot.

Each supporting character gets enough range and space to factor in and work effectively which shows how the makers were chewing the characters properly and were not in any rush.

The costumes designing is out of the park and so is the finely detailed production design but what draws in most of the attention is the metaphorical cinematography that is just pure passion throughout the course of it. An elevating background score, glorifying camera work and perfect editing are too some of its rich details.

The writing is simple as it can be but sensible and justifying as you’ve never seen. Mendes; the director, at the heart of it, has done a tremendous work on executing such a balanced feature.

Hanks has never been more impactful with a excellent support from Newman, Craig and Law. Jaw dropping visuals, whistle-blowing dialogues and a heartbreaking chemistry are the high points of the feature that makes you look twice.

Road To Perdition is more salvation than damnation since it has such a risky tone to explore at let along triumph over it; a masterstroke by the makers.

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