fails to score even a distinction..

2 And A Half Out Of 5

Results is a character driven dramatic romance about a guy fueled with an agenda to keep the world fit along with her-kind-of-assistant.

It is an unstable feature with an uneven script that either tries to score with a glorifying note or a subtle take on the simplicity which both of it is appreciative but in here, is just a misunderstood concept. The chemistry in such features are the spine of it which unfortunately is shatteringly disappointing where the performance too factors in a lot.

The premise had a lot to trigger in its self-created complex characters but within its first act the hidden cards are visible and they are not the winning hand.

Bujalski’s world isn’t busy or competent as he might think and the primary reason is his undercooked characters and fast paced rhythmic beat which they feed on, that makes the viewers cringe on seat as the flaws are transparent like water.

The conversations are pragmatic and written with a keen awareness of the situation and the repercussions it breeds along with each character’s perspective.

Instead of getting mature, the script grows juvenile contradictory to the tone of the feature. Addition to that, the crispiness and the tense environment among the characters too aren’t communicated with the viewers.

It is short on technical aspects like cinematography, background score and editing. Stunning visuals and intriguing conversations are the only high points of the feature.

Smulders seems confused to the core where neither Pearce is supporting her and nor Corrigan’s vulnerability helps. Bujalski; the writer-director is on his A game on executing the script on screen but has fumbled a lot on writing it.

Results fails to score even a distinction on any aspect of the feature where the audience leaves the screen feeling cheated.

Posted by:Arth

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