strikes once and that’d be all..

4 Out Of 5

Moonstruck is a character driven romantic drama about a dysfunctional family and the dysfunctional love that runs on its tree with a hint of humor served on everyone’s plate.

It is one of those rare rom-com drama that has surprisingly got everything right with a balanced equation with heavy teams on each side. The conversations are flirty and notoriously hilarious with gigs that are so smoothly created, that leaves the audience in an awe of its mellow sweetness.

Ticking for almost 100 minutes, the family has a more-than-welcome agenda that leaves the viewers satisfied and hungry for more simultaneously. The chemistry among each individual character varies with a wide range and still somehow managed to create the anticipated environment of a family reunion to the point where you feel part of this chaos.

It is rich on technical aspects like background score, sound department and amazing melodies that are hummed throughout the course of it. It is well edited with a stunning cinematography and colourful visuals that adds the cherry on top of it all.

The writing is sharp if not strong and adaptive, gripping and eerily follows a mutual theme whenever parallel tracks are going on; something that doesn’t come often. Jewison; the director, is in his A game and doing some of his careers best work where his passion exceeds the hard work.

Cher is confident and on the note with Cage supporting her decently but the show stealer would be Dukakis and not because she had stronger role to portray but she pulls it off without flinching even for a second. Argumentative conversations, hilarious tiny moments installed and good old romantic tale are the high points of the feature that helps it make it to the major league.

Moonstruck is something that strikes once and that’d be all which is what makes it poetic in its rawness that is utterly deep than it seems.

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