something that not everybody gets..

4 Out Of 5

Everybody Wants Some!! is a character driven hilarious drama about a new add-on to the group of guys who blends in before the college even starts. First and foremost, it’s a Linklater movie; it’s sassy, it’s 80’s, it’s a revelation.

His nature of seeking out its selective audience may have grown habitual to them but everytime he pulls out the rabbit from the hat, it leaves them in an awe of it with such mature ideology that it makes you think twice. The writing is smart, gripping, adaptive, elaborative and just plain fun throughout the course of it.

Linklater’s world may feel sketchy visually but its three dimensional characters (despite each of them are identified with a specific property, it somehow managed to achieve it) keeps it grounded.

The music is seductive and the songs are up beating that elevates the momentum at its best; the boys singing on the car and the disco themed dance, it hits the perfect anticipated note. The costumes and the hair-styles and the accent and the references in each conversation; every little aspect of it demands attention; it is a delight to encounter such a breezy feature.

The performance objective is the only weakness in here and don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, it just isn’t palpable to its strong writing. Linklater; the writer-director, has never been so robust and raw where the structure of the script may be transparent, but what a sight it is; pure elegance.

The mannerism of the bonding, a conversation from the scratch and layered thought provoking policy are the high points of the feature that helps it enter the major league.

Everybody Wants Some!! is something that not everybody gets but if taken seriously and read between the lines, you might find your mind blown away in its poetic tone.

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