so realistic that it seems fictional..

4 And A Half Out Of 5

Another Year is a character driven drama about an unstable relationship among family and friends that lethally cuts down the innocence.

Tugging down the soul from each character vigorously, Leigh’s narration has never been of such dark themes that makes the viewers cringe on the seat. It is so realistic, that it seems fictional, it is so husky that it seems all crispy and it is so bizarrely ingenious that it seems natural.

Leigh’s world in here grabs the audience and sinks deeper along with them to a point where the concept it meddles with is of such higher ideal that may require less ordinary mind to shuffle out of it. The pragmatic dinner table conversations are just delight on top of its layered thought provoking policy that one should hold on to.

The writing is so strong and mature that it doesn’t rely upon necessary technical aspects like background score and sound department. The camera work is amazing with beautiful shots, decent cinematography and breezy environment that makes it immensely pleasing to encounter.

It also emits the typical ” theatre” vibes where the sequences are shot in a single take with amazing performance. Leigh; the writer-director, has created a masterpiece which is thoroughly busy in its lane with sharp, adaptive and gripping screenplay.

As mentioned earlier, the performance objective is majestically scored especially by Manville who is a revelation in here along with an amazing supporting cast like Broadbent and Sheen.

Gut wrenching honesty, grounded writing and three dimensional characters are the high points of the feature that helps it make it on top of the game.

Another Year is a rare cinematic art whose definition of celebrating a glorifying victory is to merely accept it and get on with it.

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