accurately titled but unfortunately describes the experience of the audience..

2 Out Of 5

The Sum Of All Fears is a plot driven political thriller that explores the same old cold war topic between Russia and America with mundane procedure. Not only is the politics shallow but is deliberately simple in order to breed the sensibility amongst all the hoax which latter fails on levels in here.

Addition to that, the stakes never communicates which is its primary con since the feature is fueled and relies upon it entirely. The writing is weak and benign with cheesy sequences that are installed to make it glorifying and instead comes off goofy and questionable.

It is also disappointing considering the expectations it brought along with such an amazing cast and a success that the franchise had until now, it can be argued to be considered as the weakest link of it. The characters too aren’t three dimensional like its predecessors and also lacks the little tactics that were used in physical sequences.

The d.o.p. and cinematography is stunning with amazing visuals and beautiful camera work that makes it appetizing somewhat. The background score, sound effects and editing is on short that itches throughout the course of it.

Speaking of which, the runtime too, is exhaustingly long with sloppy writing that is not at all gripping. Robinson; the director, needs better polishing on his execution skills since barely a sequence is shot with conviction in here.

Affleck has decently handled such an iconic character with an amazing supporting cast like Freeman, Schreiber and Hall. An eerie perspective and stunning visuals are the only high point of this feature.

The Sum Of All Fears is accurately titled but unfortunately describes the experience of the audience and the makers since none of the acts in here breathes craft for someone to explore in it.

Posted by:Arth

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