a neat and clean hunting..

3 Out Of 5

The Hunt For Red October is a plot driven thriller feature about an underwater and unspoken battle between two nations that is tossed by a man with broken agendas.

Despite of all the chalky and cheesy material, the plot is surprisingly mature than one would expect especially in its final act. It still doesn’t suggest in any way that the writing is smart or even gripping, in fact it is the weakest link of all in its initial stages.

By now, it is clear that the makers took way too much time to set in the plots and characters to its palpable surrounding where most of the act is saved by the star power and the presence of it that is immensely articulative like surfing on water.

Another one of its strength would be the ability to manipulate multiple characters on screen like a puppet with a mystic air presence among them that breeds nothing but uncertainty to the viewers. The camera work is appreciative and nicely done but isn’t attractive or pleasing to encounter.

The adapted screenplay is not one of its pros, although its execution by the director McTiernan surpasses the shallow script in here. Connery’s cunningness is challenged equally by Baldwin’s attentive and humble nature along with an amazing supporting cast like Glenn, Neill and Jones.

An unexpected final act, a bit western-y dialogues and the tense environment with which it feeds itself are the high points of the feature. It is rich on technical aspects like sound effects and editing whilst falls flatly on background score and visual effects.

The Hunt For Red October is a neat and clean hunting for its tendency to keep the screen lit with light and breezy theme despite of being a dark nature.

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