more frizzier than clear..

3 And A Half Out Of 5

Clouds Of Sils Maria is a character driven dramatic feature that takes place within a short span where an actress is preparing for a character and goes through emotional trauma that may be a bit gothic but is poetic too.

The premise itself guides the sense of urgency that is wisely kept alive throughout the course of it where the ticking clock behind the screen might not create the anticipated impact but certainly makes the experience electrifying.

Addition to that, it also depicts one of the most unexplored relationship (the actress and her assistant) which gives it a jump start on fresh material and perspective.

Assayas’ world in here is free from any habitual or satirical restraints; similar to its locations, which in fact is its strength and weakness on its own terms.

The writing is adaptive and gripping if not anything out of the box, especially the cards it holds up the sleeve until the last act hits on screen. It is rich on technical aspects like metaphorical cinematography and fine editing whilst is short on background score.

The camera work is up close and handled manually which works its way on helping to connect with the characters and stunning visuals and live locations that demands attention. Pragmatic conversation, intriguing concept and poetic tone are the high points of this feature.

Binoche is poised, vulnerable and achingly good on her portrayal whilst Stewart is confident and a rigid supporter of hers in each frame.

Assayas; the writer-director, may not be in his A game but is surely convincing on his execution and sharp script that cuts deepest in here.

Clouds Of Sils Maria is more frizzier than clear due to the amount of time and characters that it consumes to set in a greater scene.

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