an accurate capturization of humane behavior at its peak and pit..

3 Out Of 5

American Animals is a character driven heist feature that is nothing like your usual heist for its cunning methodology is beyond the shallow ideology that it attempts to achieve.

It might be safe but the stakes are higher than ever (unlike any other features, it does communicate and creates the anticipated impact) and it might be honest but is undeniably unstable. And the primary reason is its way of fumbling on landing on any sequence at a definite point which leads to and effects similarly in its final act.

Having said that, there are few moments shot with such excellence that it leaves the audience in an awe of it where the awareness of Layton; the director is so sharp and precise, of its created bubble which doesn’t pop but explodes like nine dynamites on your brain. Layton’s metaphors barely works in fact if anything it gives away the intensity and credibility whenever its subtle nature starts to fade away.

As mentioned earlier, the tale is more questionable for the audience, on terms of adapting a rigid structure for them to hold on to. The sound effects are sweat-drop effective with stunning camera work that accounts in the surrounding appropriately with a chunk of crispy visuals.

Layton; the writer-director, has exceeded its script with brilliant execution skills that foliates with essential emotions on screen. Peters is as loud as he should be while Keoghan stands back and inhales in wisely and portrays with conviction.

The writing is gripping, if not smart and adaptive if not layered, as the makers might suggest. The catastrophic incidents, the chemistry among the characters and insanely hectic subjective procedure are the high points of the feature.

American Animals is an accurate capturization of humane behavior at its peak and pit with no commercial threads manipulating or mutilating it.

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