bigger than it accounts for..

4 Out Of 5

Tiny Furniture is a character driven dramatic feature about an unbiased peek that an unstable girl seeks for on every tiny aspect of her life.

The methodology that it has grasped in order to carry on a conversation, is so rare and pure which makes it immensely pleasing to encounter. Addition to that, the weaving and build-up of each sequence is projected in here that helps viewer see through the characters and easily resonate with them.

The emotions aren’t manipulated and requested to be drawn out from the viewers which are selective in here and this being aware of, the makers are free from any commercial aspect of it. The premise guides the younger audience in their own language with high society issues and yet the stakes never seem to go lower which often does in such genre.

And as much as the feature lures in the younger generation through its theme, its core concept lies on meddling with something that is at a certain point is for older generation too. It is short on technical aspects like background score and production and costume design, although is rich on the camera work which is beautiful in here.

Dunham; the writer-director, is at its finest with her explicit writing skills and brilliant execution skills that connects frame to frame with the audience. Her performance isn’t loud but subtle, whose impact does hit the viewers and moves them accordingly.

Awareness of keeping the practicality involved in each sequences (for example, stuttering before speaking and multiple failed attempts to put a definite point on table), layered writing, three dimensional characters, pragmatic conversations and metaphorical cinematography are the high points of the feature that ups the ante of the game and helps it enter the major league.

Tiny Furniture is bigger than it accounts for and doesn’t serve all its cards up front on the table but allows you to work for it.

Posted by:Arth

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