sticks with you until you surrender yourself with exhaustion..

2 And A Half Out Of 5

Contagion is a plot driven dramatic feature about an unseen antagonist whose lethal strike has the potential to wipe out the entire world where the humans finds themselves surviving against nature rather than fighting back.

Kudos to the writers for accounting in, each character’s perspective till the last breath of the feature that helps keep the audience tangled into its poignant world.

The primary objective of the feature would be to bind all the multiple characters and their sub-plots so that it doesn’t come off as mere news to the audience which unfortunately it fails to do so. Addition to that, it also fails to create the anticipated impact on screen since the stakes in here never communicates with the viewers.

The writing is also raw and a bit busy in its spiraled web since most of the time is spent upon offering the essential triggers and closure to each character which is frankly off putting.

Soderbergh; the director, at the heart of it, is brilliant on executing each frame no matter how theoretical the script grows, he tries to keep the crisp alive. The performance is up to the mark by amazing cast like Damon, Winslet (She stands out alone with higher margin), Law, Fishburne and Cotillard.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, camera work and cinematography. Repercussions that each decision at such critical moment might breed and its fast paced tone with shorter runtime are the only high points of the feature.

Soderbergh’s world might be passionate and have some idea to share, but within its self-created pathos procedure, the intriguing idea fades away quickly before the construction even begins.

Contagion; similar to its antagonist, sticks with you until you surrender yourself with exhaustion and pity for the makers, with such a swing and a miss act.

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