hauntingly poignant to a point where the audience surrenders itself in its belle..

3 Out Of 5

Biutiful is a character driven dramatic feature about a father figured personality that breathes for its metaphorical children till the end.

Clocking for almost 150 minutes, Inarritu adequately puts all of his guns on the table and narrows it down on such simplistic terms, which can even communicate to a 4 year old kid; not something that everyone can achieve.

Having said that, the concepts that the audience works on, in its initial stages seems to have shucked away for its own closure; it had the potential to end on a higher ideal than it does in here. As always, the camera work is amazing and up-close that is handled manually to achieve more closeness with the viewers through character’s perspective.

The writing is elaborative, adaptive and enough to feed off the audience to its run-time but what’s itchy in here, is its nature to restart the clock every now and then as it jumps to another sequence of the feature, where clearly it was supposed to flow and resume the clock.

As mentioned, Inarritu has clearly poured his soul into its project for there barely lies a weak spot on execution in the entire feature. And then all the work lies upon Bardem to pull it off on performance objective which he does convincingly.

Inarritu’s world is a stage where the rehearsal is prior to the final act hence there is a raw beauty present in the air that makes its anatomy more eye-catching. Stunning cinematography, fine production design, manipulative emotional drama and stellar performance are the high points of the feature.

Biutiful is hauntingly poignant to a point where the audience surrenders itself in its belle, but overly chewed love letters like such often finds itself lost in a closet.

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