a sheltered and secured pathos methodology..

3 Out Of 5

A Dangerous Method is a plot driven dramatic tale featuring the most complex relationship possible in the most simple way possible; a swing and a miss since the concept had an enormous amount of potential.

The taboo subjects that are explored in here barely scratches the surface, to a point, that it makes you feel cheated as for the rest of the feature the subject is left to rot out on the corner of the shelf. The conversations are wise and explicitly written but unfortunately isn’t as layered and thought-provoking as it thinks it is.

Cronenberg’s world in here is all bourgeois as far as it is investing on setting the sub-plot of each character, and when the scrutiny finally hits, all it can draw out from its audience is a mere nod, no matter how genuine.

It is rich on technical aspects like stunning costume design, mesmerizing visuals and perfect editing. The chemistry among the characters is one of its strength especially between Mortensen and Fassbender; a real delight to see them go head to head on screen.

Cronenberg; the director, is on his A game in each frame of the feature as the soul and kind-hearted suave tone communicates fluently with the audience. Knightly’s performance is laborious which may be appreciative but certainly not enchanting as it was aspired to be.

Fassbender is vulnerable and struggles through itself in an apt portrayal of his but the real show-stealer is Mortensen in his poised and arrogant walks that speaks more than the words.

The production design and background score could have been a lot better. Pragmatic conversations and fast paced adapted screenplay are the only high points of this feature.

A Dangerous Method is actually a sheltered and secured pathos methodology that never visits its third dimension which had the correct answer.

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