a dulcet tone that never hurts..

3 And A Half Out Of 5

Slumdog Millionaire is a plot driven dramatic feature about an aspiring kid from slum who seeks his destiny through his good-will nature “with all odds”.

Boyle’s world in here is rugged and darker than it anticipated to be but fortunately since it ends on a higher ideal and a mellow note than any of the projected ones in the feature, it lands safe and sound.

The jump-starter of the feature is of course its smart concept but often the ingenious idea fades away among multiple characters with their individual sub-plots but in here with the help an amazing editing by Dickens the spine of the feature never turns jelly.

It is beautifully shot with amazing camera work and mesmerizing visuals and on the other hand it also consists some sinister ideology; especially in its first half, that is utterly inedible to encounter.

It is rich on technical aspects like stunning cinematography, up beating background score and smarter costume design than one usually gets (the lead actress is often wearing a shade of yellow; a slick move).

The adapted screenplay is gripping, bold and filled with electrifying sequences that shakes the audience and demands attention throughout the course of it; the run-time flows like a high current.

At the end of it, it always will be Boyle’s imaginative world that is brimmed with almost too much colors and yet respects each aspect of it to give enough space and range to factor in effectively.

The performance is appreciative if not stellar, especially by Patel, Khan, Kapoor and Pinto. Cunning and finely detailed script, excellent execution and plethora of emotions that the thrilling ride offers are the high points of the feature.

Slumdog Millionaire is actually a dulcet tone that never hurts where the makers are playing it safe but with bigger guns than ever.

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