a quintessential lesson wrapped like a gift that should, does and always will attract younger audience..

3 Out Of 5

Christopher Robin is a plot driven Disney feature that has all of its ingredients and lives up to its expectations with simplicity and sensibility.

Having said that, it doesn’t suggest in any way that it is one of the best that Disney has offered us. No, that title was taken away by some flawed sequences (some can be negotiated considering a sketchy world but some cannot be), rough editing and questionable background score which clearly could have been a lot better.

The feature is utterly sweet and mesmerizing which doesn’t come often; especially nowadays, in fact it is almost too sweet to cover up its bitter, flawed and chalky edges. The visual effects team has got it right along with the camera work and cinematography that makes it visually stunning and pleasing to experience it on screen.

The screenplay may be blunt but is filled with comic sequences (the red balloon stays with you like a cloud) and fast paced good old race-against-time factor that holds the audience on the edge of the seat.

There may not be a hilarious moment that will crack you up but is undeniably soothing and cozy throughout the course of it to see the character blending in on screen. Foster; the director, clearly had his days where he is bang on his money while executing but some days not so much, which is never a good sign.

McGregor is calm and confident with a good supporting cast like Atwell and Gatiss but Cummings’ exceptional voice is something that you will neither forget nor would want to. Stunning visuals, sugary world and the warm chemistry between Robin and Pooh are the high points of the feature.

Christopher Robin is a quintessential lesson wrapped like a gift that should, does and always will attract younger audience.

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