justice is inevitable

4 Out Of 5

Mad Men; one of the most acclaimed series by critics, loved by the fans and buzzed at the award shows, is a character driven series created by Matthew Weiner depicting the inner world of an ad agencies set in ’60s in New York.

The writing is sharp, elaborative, adaptive and explicit that keeps the audience tangled in its not-so-likable and faulty world on the edge of their seat. The character driven mellow subjective procedure is something that leaves a long lasting impression among the viewers.

Unlike any other series, the seasons holds on to the merit of its early stages by visiting unexpected places and going beyond one’s imagination, exploring a more mature world, proving once again its fame with its excellent execution and fine editing.

Addition to that, the bold and ironical take of all the issues that were present at that era is something that sends out a thought-provoking message which is imputed in the plot flawlessly and with utter conviction.

It is rich on technical aspects like projecting the chemistry among the characters, stunning cinematography, beautiful camera work, references mentioned in the conversations and the classic tone of the series that makes it supremely watchable.

The primary reason why the series stands alone is not only its nature to work in a metaphorical way but to weave out a poem from the sequence, is the genuine soul behind it that attains a certain closure in each episode.

The performance objective is score majestically by the cast especially by the protagonist Jon Hamm who is supported convincingly by the cast like Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Kiernan Shipka, January Jones and John Slattery.

The practical conversations, the whistle-blowing dialogues, three-dimensional characters, excellent execution, finely detailed set-pieces, alluring costume design are the high points of the series that helps it enter the major league.

Mad Men is a classic take of an era where the rules and laws might be different but the resultant outcome of deeds and the justice is inevitable.

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