a genetic tale that breathes platitude methodology..

2 And A Half Out Of 5

Upgrade is a plot driven action feature that may resonate with the audience on emotional level but unfortunately emits an old textbook policy.

The sci-fi theme of the feature seems untouched in here since despite of imputing various neat and slick technology, the world somehow feels one dimensional and bit under-cooked for it to hold the audience in its bubble.

Whannell’s world in here is predictable and unimpressive despite of having such a wide range where its single-minded characters (irony in that) fails to lure the audience in and care for them.

The feature is not smart or groundbreaking but its sincerity and passion is something that travels unflinchingly to the viewers. The writing is blunt with seen-this-seen-that sequences but its gripping screenplay and fast paced tone helps one not only survive but thoroughly enjoy it.

It is short on technical aspects like production design (it lacks essential budget), background score, cinematography and editing. Although the camera work is pleasing and appreciative along with the choreography of all the action sequence that are not only created smartly but performed brilliantly too.

Leigh Whannell; the writer-director, has certainly improved on executing the dramatic sequence then last time (Insidious Chapter 3), but unfortunately that’s not saying a lot.

It falls flatly on face on terms of performance; especially by the protagonist Logan Marshall-Green and Betty Gabriel supporting him who had much bigger window than the antagonist for it isn’t offered enough screen-time to create an anticipated impact, the performance is incompetent which is not feasible at all. Stunning art design and gut-wrenching action sequences are the only high points of the feature.

Upgrade is a genetic tale that breathes platitude methodology and shallow ideology whose neither potential nor kinetic energy, is able to move past its wafer-thin concept.

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