an apotheosis of humane emotions..

3 And A Half Out Of 5

First Reformed is a character driven dramatic take on the repercussions that good and bad deeds leads to and has led to. The tone of the feature is poignant and dark that endorses its concept and is palpable to it throughout the course of the feature.

The metaphorical cinematography and eerie d.o.p. helps lure in the audience and keep them intrigued in its pathos bubble and rooting for its pragmatic characters. The production design is neat, finely detailed and pleasing to encounter along with its stunning camera work.

The emotions drawn out from the characters does communicate where the performance and execution plays a vital role along with a narrative element inserted as a habitual diary writing.

The background score is edited and polished aptly and is also wisely absent at times, leaving the audience with an experience of listening a clock tick which frankly it has been a while since I encountered in a feature.

An unhealthy state and few cringe worthy moments are not only inedible and powerful but beautifully poetic that speaks volume in here. The writing is sharp, adaptive and gripping with thought-provoking policies that never grows pretentious and is instead kept subtle.

Paul Schrader; the writer-director, has done an excellent work on executing and pulling off such an obscure world. As mentioned earlier, Ethan Hawke is achingly good and deserves all the praise for its majestic performance where he is supported decently by Amanda Seyfried.

Schrader’s world is helpless in here since the work is drawn out from each and every step and character which is more appalling and dark than its concept. Few mellow monologues, its slow yet impactful character development and soothing little tactics to sweeten the moments are the high points of the feature.

First Reformed is an apotheosis of humane emotions whose subjective procedure makes worth its final product.

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