an exuberant extravaganza that plays with its audience like a mere 4 year old kid..

4 Out Of 5

Mission Impossible : Fallout is a plot driven thriller feature that may not be the game changer in the franchise but is deliberately a palindrome to its predecessor in its own edgy and shady way.

Ticking for almost 150 minutes, it neatly edits out all its commercial aspects leaving the audience with all the husky bit which is utterly complicated to its core (if lost any focus, the rest of the material may come out as mumbo-jumbo); demanding the attention through it and allowing the audience not a split second to breathe.

Having said that, it doesn’t suggest in any way that the writing is smart, it basically is all cheat and all tricks, to a point where the audience start questioning everything (the pace too is uneven at some points which is frankly inedible). But this is where, McQuarrie; the writer-director, comes in and smartly makes it all glorifying for the audience to chew in the character’s perspective easily.

It is rich on technical aspects like breathtaking camera work, stunning production design and alluring visuals. Addition to that, the choreography of all the chase or action sequences is so finely detailed and lethally performed that leaves the audience in an awe of it.

With all the buzz of the cast performing their own stunts; especially by Cruise, after a certain point, seems essential to get the audience enchanted into it and calculate the magnitude of the stakes projected in here and connect instantly.

The only two reason why the feature fails to enter the major league would be its lack of creativity on the concept and the poetic theme that seems to be the missing puzzle in here. Cruise is confident, mature and has evolved a lot on portraying the character where he may be vulnerable but not weak.

Pegg, Cavill, Ferguson and Rhames gets their own stand out moments which they hold on to it decently. Live Locations, exhilarating stunts, throat-slicing politics and Cruise at the heart of it are the high points of this feature that unflinchingly delivers.

Mission Impossible : Fallout is an exuberant extravaganza that plays with its audience like a mere 4 year old kid and the wise thing would be to nod along.

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