a poignant take on a fragile concept..

2 And A Half Out Of 5

On Chesil Beach is a character driven dramatic feature about the prude ideology and the repercussion that it breeds on a newly wed couple. Despite the effort of projecting the cringe-worthy moments with conviction and accuracy, the distraction or the cover-up could have been a lot subtle for it to be inedible. Having said that, the agenda of the feature communicates through crystal clear medium which is the performance in here; kudos to the star cast.

The primary reason that disenchants the viewers from the fragile bubble is often its non-sequitur background score which is more of a downer considering the music is an essential part of it (the violin played by Ronan is mesmerizing though). It is rich on technical aspects like its metaphorical cinematography, alluring costume design and stunning camera work that is pleasing to encounter.

The writing is strong on terms of the awareness of each character’s perspective which latter helps it create an appropriate arc to it. The adapted screenplay by Ian McEwan steals the show, since the editing is perfect and to-the-point that holds the audience on the edge of the seat throughout the course of it.

Dominic Cooke; the director, has done a decent work but also seems a bit amateur on executing it since the different days that it was shot can easily be filtered. Cooke is also invested a lot on drawing out the emotions from the screen that works in its favor but also makes it a bit chalky around the edges.

As mentioned earlier, the lead cast; Ronan and Howle, are excellent and holds on to their role tight and bright. Stunning visuals, stellar performances and three-dimensional characters are the high points of the feature.

On Chesil Beach is basically a poignant take on a fragile concept that is effective and moving on every aspect of it but is surely isn’t glorifying no matter what the makers might suggest.

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