an improvement but not an essential one..

2 Out Of 5

The Equalizer 2 is a plot driven commercial action feature that depicts a typical revenge tale of a broken character that serves well to the society. The feature isn’t ground-breaking or has a newer perspective to its genre but it undoubtedly is a passion project which is clearly visible as the euphoric energy on the screen never wears off.

It is rich on technical aspects like its choreography of the action sequence, sharp sound effects and typical-cowboy-western-y dialogues (which may not work always) but unfortunately falls flat on cinematography, editing, background score and camera work which could have been a lot better.

The writing isn’t as smart or mature as the writers think which creates this vortex of disappointment for the audience that never leaves them throughout the course of it. The relationship projected between Washington and Sanders easily connects with the audience and helps it bind the plot tracks and keeps it grounded.

The screenplay by Richard Wenk may be gripping but is too shallow and unnerving for the audience to care and root for the characters. Antoine Fuqua; the director, holds on to his role convincingly and delivers the expected execution but the concept and the structure of the script is the real culprit that never had enough crisp to make it to the screen in the first place.

Denzel Washington; at the heart of it, is achingly good and makes it worth investing on it with a good supporting cast like Ashton Sanders and Pedro Pascal. The attitude of the protagonist and few little smooth action tactics are the only high points of the feature.

The Equalizer 2 may be an improvement on terms of keeping the audience tangled into its crime world but it surely isn’t an essential one or layered as the makers might suggest; none is wiser after the curtain drops.

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