malleable characters that breaks into bits and pieces..

3 Out Of 5

Tully is a character driven dramatic feature about parenting gone “fair” rather than being right or wrong. The core relationship between Theron and Davis that fuels the feature throughout the course of it, is sweet and easily likable; a safe play by the makers to lure the audience in. It is rich on technical aspects like its stunning cinematography, perfect editing and is beautifully shot that makes it supremely watchable.

The writing isn’t as smart or strong as the makers think, since the gist of the premise is easily predictable and single-layered where the audience after that, finds itself waiting for the closure and at-times also in awe of the journey. Reitman’s sewing accuracy, Davis and Theron’s sharp performance and the unpredictable mirrors shattered by the makers are the high points of the feature.

The screenplay by Diablo Cody may be adaptive, gripping and thought-provoking but is also extracted from a textbook formula which isn’t as deep as it seems, and instead is a mere one-dimensional hoax whose effort is feasible but not plausible.

Mackenzie swoops in and steals the show with her soothing and mellow tone that travels through screen among the viewers to tell them, “She has got this.” The transition of the feature after her appearance is clearly visible as anticipated by Reitman which shows his excellence on execution.

While depicting a series of event or a period passing by, Reitman’s eerie perspective on depicting it stands alone and remains with you even after leaving the screen. As mentioned earlier, the performance is one of the strength of the feature especially, Charlize Theron as a protagonist and Mackenzie Davis in her supporting role.

Tully has malleable characters that breaks into bits and pieces rather than bending in accordingly which makes it a rickety risk and somehow rotten the core in its last stage leaving the only base standing wide and tall which the makers fortunately, had established earlier.

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